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Are you planning to visit Tanzania for a camping safari?

Whether you’re on a budget, love the outdoors, honeymooner, or just don’t want to book your accommodation ahead of time. Rent a car with a rooftop tent and a full set of camping gear/equipment in the back and gives you a great sense of flexibility. What do you need to know when renting a car with camping gear and a rooftop tent? What is included when renting a car with camping gear/equipment from us?

  • What is included when renting a car with camping gear?
  • Are the campsites widely available in Tanzania?
  • Do I need to book a campsite in advance?
  • How to book a special campsite in the national park in Tanzania?
  • Tanzania park and camping fees

What is included when renting a car with camping gear

A car can be equipped with a rooftop tent and camping gear/equipment when hiring. The rooftop tent is suitable for 2 adults with 2 sleeping bags and pillows. If you would travel a group of 3 to 4 people, we can mount 2 rooftop tent on your rental car. We provide the ground tent with either the Suzuki Escudo or Land cruiser. When renting a car for a self-drive safari it contains a full set of quality camping gear/equipment.

Camping equipment Rooftop Tent | Ground Tent, 2 Camping chairs and table, 2 Sleeping bags, mattress, and camping light,26 liters of the fridge, Spade, shovel, panga, towrope
Cooking & cutlery Chopping board, serving spoon, tablespoon, forks, knives, bowl, plates, washing bowl, table cover cloth, cooking pots, can opener, wooden spoon, frying pan, cutting knife wire brush
General Equipment High lift jack, spare tires, inverter for charging phones and camera, fire extinguisher, warning triangle reflector, first aid kit, and stereo
cooking utensils
self drive safari

NOTE: Rooftop tent and sleeping are for hire. The rooftop tent cost $ 25/day and 2 sleeping bags cost $ 4/day

Are the campsites widely available?

Lodges inside the national park in Tanzania are expensive. The good news is that Tanzania is a great country for camping safaris. There’re numerous campsites all over the country. So, it’s possible to explore Tanzania on a budget. From basic bush campsite inside the parks to private campsites operated by lodge owners which enabling you to stay at a secure site with good amenities whilst sleeping in a tent. Moreover, the opportunities to camp are year around because of Tanzania’s warm climate.

Do you need to book a campsite in advance?

No need to book a public campsite in advance. There are several public campsites in every national park and you will always be assigned a campsite when you arrive at the entrance. But for Ngorongoro conservation Area and wildlife management Association which is Lake Natron, it works a bit differently if you will stay inside the park. You need to obtain a segregation quote first before you can get to the gate for park entrance. On the reservation quote, you have to mention the campsite where you will be staying.

How to book a special campsite in the national park

If you will prefer to stay at a special campsite instead of public campsites, we advise you to spend a day in Arusha before your safari and visit TANAPA and NCA head office in Arusha (open from Monday-Friday), and check out the available and try to secure a spot. There are insufficient facilities, and it is hard to locate the sites. There is no possibility to organize the special campsite permit online. We do not assist in booking campsites for our clients, apart from keeping the information on how to do yourself.

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