About Mili Adventure Africa

Mili Adventure Africa is a licensed car rental company in Arusha-Tanzania. Offers car rental for self-drive safari, road trips, and chauffeurs holiday. We offer a variety of travel packages for instance individuals, groups, students, honeymooners, and companies. All at an affordable cost. It is well established with a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays. Not only for domestic tourists but also for international tourists from all over the world. Its ability to design unique self-drive safari to fit every type of traveler from the budget to the luxury. Providing a unique opportunity to combine bush, and beach adventure safari. Enjoy East Africa’s spectacular scenery and the rest of the world’s hidden treasures in Tanzania. We are  partner with Safari Booking

Why Mili Adventure Africa

Are you planning for a self-drive safari, or road trip vacation in Tanzania?

A vacation that will provide a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, adventurous, and rewarding?