When exploring a continent as vast and widespread as Africa and a country like Tanzania, driving yourself around may just be the better option. If you’re heading to Tanzania this holiday season, why not experience a different way of traveling. Instead of the usual flying, that we are all so very used to. Rent a 4×4 car(vehicle) for your self-drive safari with a rooftop tent and camping gears in Arusha-Tanzania.  Get your map out and navigate the roads of Tanzania!. You be able to explore Tanzania with 4×4 Suzuki Escudo, with rooftop top tent and camping gears the expansive plains of the Serengeti national park, but you will also be able to truly experience Tanzania like a local.

Mili Adventure Africa is a licensed car rental company for a self-drive safari, road trips, and chauffeur-driven adventure.  Located in the northern circuit, Arusha-Tanzania. It is owned and managed by a team of local safari experts, who have experience in self-drive safari, road trip safari adventure in Tanzania, and the hospitality industry in general.

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Safari done the right way! Wow what can I say? This was a dream that came true thanks to Mili Adventure (Halifa). My husband and I rented the Suzuki Escudo for 5 days (Tarangire- Ngorongoro-Ndutu-Serengeti). It was fully equipped with everything to make the trip as comfortable as possible. Camping gear, pots and pans, propane tank, burner, dishware, utensils, etc. everything that you can think of was there! The rooftop tent was easy to set up- Halifa showed us how to open and close/secure properly and was readily available by phone whenever we had any questions. He gave us suggestions and told us that the animals were mostly in Ndutu and that was definitely the highlight of the trip! I was a little bit outside of my comfort zone sleeping in a private camp with wildlife all around us but felt very safe and protected being above the vehicle in the tent (machete was also included and that was a perk to have lol). The only suggestion that I have is if you are making the drive to Serengeti, make sure you bring gas as the fuel stations only carry diesel and we didn’t know that beforehand so we pretty much wasted half a day driving to the next town over in Robanda (50km away) to fill up. Thank you Halifa and Mili Adventure for everything!
Mili Carhire Mili Adventure Ist eine sehr gute Adresse für Selbstfahrer in Tansania. Die Preis Leistung ist am besten. Die Fahrzeuge sind solide und komfortabel. Wir hatten eine sehr schöne Zeit in der Serengeti. Das Handling mit Mili Adventure ist unkompliziert und schnell.
Bodo M
Bodo M
Safari Wir haben mit den Fahrzeugen eine Safari zum Lake Natron und in die Serengeti unternommen. Das Handling mit dem Vermieter war einfach, schnell und sicher. Die Fahrzeuge sind robust und komfortabel. Es hat allen Beteiligten viel Spaß gemacht. Wir möchten auf diesem Weg Mili Adventure Danken.
Rav4 from Mili Adventure Africa We booked a Toyota Rav4 with Mili Adventures for a week. It was the cheapest option I could find and we were allowed to drive with this car into the Serengeti (Most companies don't allow people to drive to Serengeti with a Rav4) I'd definetly do it again. Booking was easy and not at all complicated. I wrote an Email to Halifa and he helped me with all the questions I had. Halifa brought the car to the airport so we could start right from there. The car was in a very good condition, low mileage and very clean. This trip was one of the best experiences in my life. Thanks a lot Halifa.
Silvia M
Silvia M
Best self-drive safari in Arusha We got in touch with a lot of agencies in Arusha for our self-drive safari and Halifa offered us the best solution at the best price. He is a reliable person and has years of experience as a guide in the parks of Northern Tanzania. He recommended us to use a Suzuki Escudo and he said to us that with that car we could go to the Serengeti too (no one else gave us such an advice, everyone strongly advised against it). All the other agencies discouraged self-drives and induced in us fears that it makes no sense to have: self-drive safari are safe and they are a really authentic experience. Despite not having much experience driving 4x4 vehicles we managed very well, indeed we passed through the muddy stretches without any problem, because Escudo is a light vehicle and does not sink, while the other heavier jeeps often found themselves stuck in the mud. He also provided us with everything needed including stoves, pots, a jerry can and chairs. Highly recommended!

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Before even starting to plan a self-drive, road trip in Tanzania, ask yourself a few crucial questions. What kind of experience are you looking for, budget or luxury road trip, or perhaps something in-between? When are you willing to go? How many national parks or places you’d like to visit? Identifying your own needs is the first step of careful road trip planning. After that, you can either contact us or start sketching the itinerary on your own.


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